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Anker Innovations' leading smart home appliance brand, eufy Clean has launched its most powerful robotic vacuum into the Australian market, with the X9 Pro now available to buy online at JB Hi-Fi.

The latest RoboVac from eufy Clean features 5,500 Pa of ultra-powerful suction, the most powerful of any eufy robovac device to date and debuts the breakthrough technology MopMasterTM for the first time in Australia. 

The high-pressure dual rotating mops, unique floating multi-directional brush, and a high-powered motor enables the X9 Pro to efficiently collect dust and clean stubborn stains across many different surfaces. The system also comes with auto-lift mopping and auto self-cleaning for hassle-free cleaning.

Designed with cutting-edge 3D ToF sensors and AI camera to precisely avoid obstacles and recognize household objects, the X9 Pro was awarded an Honoree in the prestigious CES Innovation Awards 2023. 

“We’re excited to offer the innovative eufy Clean X9 Pro to Australians and provide families with an award-winning premium floor cleaning device that’s easy to use and requires minimal effort,” said Gaspar Xie, Managing Director, Anker Innovations ANZ. “Featuring MopMaster technology for a hands-free mopping experience, an auto-clean station with heated drying, and 5,500pa of suction power, the X9 Pro is our most powerful robotic vacuum yet and is set to be a game-changer for time-poor Aussies.”

Hands-Free MopMaster™

eufy Clean X9 Pro is a 2-in-1 robotic vacuum designed with a hands-free MopMasterTM System. The system delivers a powerful motor providing constant dynamic pressure. Advanced technology recognises carpets and automatically lifts the mop pads 12mm to avoid carpets getting wet during vacuuming. This allows the X9 Pro to switch easily between carpets and hard floors. The MopMaster system also boasts dual rotating mop pads with high-speed rotation of 180 RPM and delivers constant strong downward pressure of up to 1kg, to effortlessly remove tough dirt and stains on hard floors.  

Auto Self-Cleaning and Drying

The cleaning procedure of the X9 Pro is completely automated. After the floor cleaning process is complete, the robotic vacuum returns to its station to self-clean and dry its mopping pads using 40°C heat to help prevent growth of mould or odours.

5,500Pa Powerful Suction

The X9 Pro also features powerful, yet quiet, 5,500 Pa suction to remove debris in just one pass. 

Multi-Directional Brush

With a multi-direction V-shaped design, X9 Pro's floating brushes resist hair tangles and stay closer to surfaces for a deep clean. 

AI.See™️ Smart Obstacle Avoidance

With cutting-edge smart navigation and AI mapping, the X9 Pro is able to work smarter and faster to deep clean the floors of a home. The 3D ToF sensors and AI camera can precisely detect and identify many common household objects such as wires, furniture and more, allowing the x9 Pro to navigate through the user's home without any interruption. The iPath™️ Laser Navigation also builds accurate maps of a home, so that it can navigate and clean with ease, even in the dark. 

The state-of-the-art design and technology of the X9 Pro allows the device to efficiently clean stubborn stains, such as coffee, ketchup and crayon and offers Australians a time-saving deep-cleaning solution for the home.

Product Specifications

Battery Life: 240 minutes
Suction Power: 5,500 Pa
Mopping Type: Rotating
Obstacle Avoidance: AI.SeeTM Technology
Length: 16.6 inches / 42.16 cm
Width: 16.3 inches / 41.40 cm
Height: 17.4 inches / 44.196 cm
Weight: 26.23 pounds / 11.9 kg

Pricing & Availability

The X9 Pro is available to buy online at JB Hi-Fi for $1,499 AUD.