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Nikon and Gaston Luga Unveils Second Collaboration


Nikon Australia Pte. Ltd. is thrilled to announce the second collaboration with Gaston Luga, a renowned functional, quality backpack and accessory brand to launch a new Gaston Luga x Nikon backpack.

With a shared passion for meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering attention to detail, this collaboration between Nikon and Gaston Luga delves into the artistry found in creation; empowering individuals to discover themselves on the journey of creation, exemplifying how "life is a work of art".

The new GL x Nikon backpack invites creators to embark on a journey to transcend the ordinary and create extraordinary visual narratives that resonate with their unique stories. Creators are inspired to unlock the boundless potential of their creativity, discover new perspectives, and use the power of imagery to convey the nuances and complexity of self-expression.

Gaston Luga is a like-minded partner who shares our passion for capturing the essence of life through visual storytelling. Together, we embark on a journey where life itself becomes a canvas, and every moment an opportunity to create art. Our collaboration aims to inspire individuals to see the world through a creative lens, appreciating the beauty that surrounds us and immortalising it with our innovative imaging technology. By embracing the philosophy that 'life is a work of art,' we inspire creators to become the artist of their own story, turning fleeting moments into timeless masterpieces." says John Young, General Manager of International Marketing, International Business Division of Imaging Group, Nikon Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Collaboration comes as part of Nikon’s Z f launch, a revolutionary mirrorless camera

At the heart of Nikon’s new Z f, lies a realm of unparalleled possibilities. With advanced video capabilities that are comparable to Nikon’s flagship Z 9, the new mirrorless camera merges the iconic exterior design of the Nikon FM2 with the cutting-edge technology of a full-frame/ FX-format sensor.

Z f Primary Features:

  • First Nikon’s full-frame/FX-format series to feature a vari-angle monitor

  • First Nikon Z series camera to feature touch-operation capabilities for unmatched flexibility

  • Built with the leading-edge EXPEED 7 processor for revolutionary, advanced imaging capabilities

  • Premium embossed leather exterior finishes in 6 unique colourways1

  • All-new dedicated monochrome selector for black-and-white photography

  • Pixel shift shooting mode for heightened resolution and colour re-production

  • Enhanced Vibration Reduction performance for sharp, steady shots

  • Precise subject detection, even in manual focus

Launch of all-new specially designed GL x Nikon backpack

The all-new specially designed backpack designed by Gaston Luga is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of content creators. The backpack offers excellent protection for one’s camera and equipment; ensuring effortless organisation with its thoughtfully designed compartments. With its uncompromising style and functionality, the backpack serves as the perfect companion for every creator’s artistic journey — allowing creators to seamlessly carry their gear wherever their travels or creative endeavours take them.

"We believe that life is a work of art, waiting to be discovered," expresses Jonas Wistrand, CEO, Gaston Luga AB. "With the new Z f and GL x Nikon backpack as your steadfast companion, content creators can confidently embark on their journey of self-exploration, capturing moments of joy and the richness of life with Nikon. Together, we invite the bold and curious to embrace the call to create and appreciate the boundless beauty that surrounds us every day. Gaston Luga's dedication to functional aesthetics and Nikon's cutting-edge imaging technology converge to push the boundaries of content creation through this collaboration.”

Specifications of the GL x Nikon backpack

  • Premium, water-resistant material

  • Equipped with a detachable camera holder and adjustable dividers

  • Inner pockets that fit both a laptop and tablet

  • Fully opens like a suitcase

The new Z f and backpack will be available for purchase on Nikon Australia website, as well as Gaston Luga online store. The GL x Nikon backpack is priced at AUD 289.

Join us in celebrating the fusion of technology and aesthetics as Nikon and Gaston Luga once again empower the community of content creators to embark on a transformative journey of creative expression.

1 Colour availability varies across the region.